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Права администратора 2022 (Толуш 3)[кодты тӱзедер]

Администратор и администратор интерфейса (Soul Train 3)[кодты тӱзедер]

InternetArchiveBot[кодты тӱзедер]

I am writing to request a bot flag for User:InternetArchiveBot for this wiki and for permission to run the bot on this wiki. InternetArchiveBot is an advanced bot that fixes broken external links on articles by replacing them or adding links to archival copies. It also adds links to previews for books and articles where available. The bot is very customizable and can be configured to support different citation, web archive, and dead link templates on-wiki. Please let me know if you have any questions. Harej (шӱӱжӱ) 04:12, 10 ӱлӱрген ай 2023 (+07)[каруузын јандырар]