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Altai Wikipedia[кодты тӱзедер]

Hello, please, do not use “Southern” in case of this Wikipedia edition. This is Altai Wikipedia, not some “Southern Altai”. Native speakers of this language do not like this clarification, and it is not officially used anywhere.--Soul Train (шӱӱжӱ) 19:57, 23 Кочкор ай 2021 (+07)

Sure, duly noted! I used it because that was what some pages I was looking at indicated, but I'm obviously fine with using just "Altai". :-) Jon Harald Søby (шӱӱжӱ) 20:03, 23 Кочкор ай 2021 (+07)
No problem! :)--Soul Train (шӱӱжӱ) 20:06, 23 Кочкор ай 2021 (+07)